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Earn Amazon Gift Cards for Free

We love the idea of receiving something for free, especially fantastic rewards such as Amazon gift cards. Amazon is one of the world's most popular places to shop at online, and we choose to save our free Amazon gift cards to buy something special or to spend at a certain time of the year like Christmas, but obviously you can choose to use your Amazon rewards in any way that you wish! Now nothing in life comes entirely for free and you normally have to participate in some way to earn your free Amazon vouchers and gift cards. We have been members of various websites for some time which reward you for your participation with Amazon gift certificates, and we have received Amazon gift cards from them, effectively for doing stuff online that we would normally be doing anyway, or for spending a little time giving our opinions.

What we aim to do here is show you the best places online where you can receive Amazon rewards and explain how they work. We will only list sites from which we have received Amazon gift cards so in that way you can be sure they are legitimate in their claims. If you know of other sites which award Amazon gift vouchers and certificates for your participation then let us know here and we will review them here.

Many of these sites only reward residents of specific countries so check to see if your flag is listed next to the site to confirm whether you can participate in that site's reward scheme.

Where can I earn free Amazon gift cards?

Instant Gift Cards

InstaGC is a site where you can earn points on their site by watching videos, searching the net, completing offers, participating in surveys and site competitions, and by referring friends to the site. There are also codes given on their Facebook page which can help you accumulate more points towrds your Amazon gift certificates. The key difference with this site however is that reward options are available from just $1/1/C$1/EURO1, which means that you can grab your rewards much quicker than the other sites that do a similar thing.
Sign up with InstaGC here.

More ways to earn Amazon gift cards

Earn Amazon gift cards for searching online

Qmee is a very simple browser app where you can earn cash rewards simply for searching online as you normally would do with Google, Amazon, Ebay, Yahoo or Bing. When you install the Qmee app, some searches you make online will bring up Qmee results on the left hand side of your browser. These results have cash values attached to them, which if you click them, will add cash to your Qmee account. Cash out for Amazon gift cards when you reach the payment threshold. Try Qmee now.

Earn Amazon rewards with Top Cashback

UK USA Canada

Top Cashback is, in our opinion, the UK's best cashback site, where you get cash back when you do your online shopping through them. You can claim this cashback from your account as a cash payment (via Paypal or bank transfer), but they also offer you the chance to get 5% more when you redeem your cashback in the form of an Amazon vouchers, which we think is a great idea if you do a lot of shopping online at Amazon.
Top Cashback has gone global and is available in other countries too, sign up below (free to join):
UK residents - you can sign up to Top Cashback UK here.

USA/Canada residents - you can sign up to Top Cashback USA/CANADA here.

Earn Amazon rewards with GfK Digital Trends Panel


The UK GfK Digital Trends panel is a new site where you are rewarded with Amazon gift certificates for allowing GfK to look at your internet use for research purposes. By installing GfK's software and then keeping it active for just 30 days you'll receive a 10 e-voucher as payment for your participation. You can then receive a further 5 reward every three months if you are active for at least one day each month. It's easy to take part once you've completed the initial registration and downloaded the software. You need to be using the Windows OS. Sign up to the GfK Digital Trends panel here through Inbox Pounds and earn cash for doing so (you'll need to register with Inbox Pounds if you're not already a member).

feee Bitcoin here

Amazon rewards for smartphone and tablet market research



MobileXpression rewards you with Amazon gift cards when you allow them to monitor your smartphone or tablet internet and app usage for market research purposes. There are no surveys to complete, you just have to download a small discreet piece of software onto your device and can earn Amazon rewards whilst you keep it on your smartphone. It's really easy and unobtrusive and you can normally earn your first gift card after the first week and then further Amazon rewards the longer you keep the software on your phone.

If you sign up to MobileXpression here you can also earn cashback for doing so through Inbox Pounds (you'll need to register with Inbox Pounds first if you're not already a member).

Which Paid Survey sites reward you with Amazon gift cards?

The Ipsos iSay Consumer Panel

UK USA Canadian paid surveys

Ipsos are a leading global online market research company and run online survey panels across the globe. If you are not already a member of your country's Ipsos panel, then you could be missing out on some great rewards. Each time you qualify for, and go on to complete, one of their market research surveys, you are rewarded with Ipsos panel points. These points accumulate in your Ipsos account and can be redeemed from Amazon gift cards through the site's excellent reward scheme. We have successfully redeemed a number of Amazon gift certificates through the site and this is one of our recommended online survey panels. In our experience you receive regular opportunities to complete surveys and earn points. Individual surveys can last anything from 5 minutes to 45 minutes, and the longer they are, the more points you can usually expect to receive.

Join Ipsos here to start accumulating points towards Amazon gift certificates.

The MySurvey Panel


MySurvey is a reputable, global survey panel which rewards it's members with Amazon gift cards once they reach the designated number of panel points in their account. The panel operates in a similar way to the Ipsos panels in that you receive points when you fully complete their online questionnaires and surveys. Amazon gift cards are just one of the redemption options that this market research company offers and we have successfully redeemed our points for Amazon vouchers in the past. Again, their paid surveys generally take between 10 and 40 minutes to finish and, usually, longer surveys pay you more points.

If you join MySurvey UK here through Top Cashback you can also get some cashback for doing so (you'll need to register with Top Cashback).

Join MySurvey USA here and start receiving points towards an gift card,

The Valued Opinions Panel


Valued Opinions is a global paid survey opinion panel which rewards you for each paid survey you qualify for and complete. A paid survey from the site normally takes between 10 and 30 minutes to finish and can get you a reward of up to $5/3. These rewards add up in your account and can be exchanged for Amazon gift cards once you reach the payout threshold of $20/15.

You can join Valued Opinions (UK) here through rewards site Inbox Pounds, and earn cash for doing so (you need to register with Inbox Pounds if you're not already a member).

And join Valued Opinions (USA) here

Page last updated: 3rd April 2016