What is an Australian Cashback Rewards Site?

A website which allows Australia shoppers to earn cashback and rewards for shopping online and completing various offers through that cashback site. Earn back a percentage of your purchases depending on the retailer and Australian cashback site you choose to use.

Australian websites

Cashback Sites in Australia

Listed below are reviews of Australian cashback sites and online reward sites. To learn more about how cashback sites work please read our excellent cashback site guide which will help you understand more about how these sites are used, and the benefits to you, when you shop online through them. We would normally recommend that you join a selection of these sites to enable you to compare all the benefits and get the most cashback and rewards from your online shopping.

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Australian Cashback Reward Site Reviews

Rewards Central

Rewards Central - Earn rewards with this popular Australian site by shoppling online through the site, by reading emails sent to you by them, by completing surveys they invite you to, and through simple web clicks. You accumulate points for various actions on the site which you can then cash out once you reach the designated threshold/redemption value. You can also earn more points by refering others to the Rewards Central as long as they themsleves become active users and earn a set number of points. This is a long running, online reward site.

Start Here (PricePal)

StartHere, now known as PricePal, is a pleasantly designed Australian cashback site with over 1000 stores and offers for you to earn cashback in Australia. It carries a very good number and range of retailers where you can earn money back for your online shopping, which is paid out by Paypal or direct deposit each month. There is no minimum payout limit, although you can set it at an amount that you prefer. There is also no monthly site fee, plus it has a good coupons section to help you save more money on your online shopping. The site also runs a membership levels scheme, whereby the more you use the site the higher your membership status is and the more rewards you can get back. You can also increase your membership level by referring a few friends to the site.

Chill cashback

Chill cashback list a range of retailers where you can earn cashback whenever you make a purchase online. They also display other non-spend offers which can earn you more cashback. New members can get a small credit to their account once their profile has been completed. Payments can be claimed once you pass the minimum withdrawl threshold amount; payments are made either by Paypal, cheque, or EFT (bank deposit).


Buckscoop is no longer a cashback site but does host a place where consumers can freely share deal tips, voucher codes and other information. The site also runs a blog.

Australian Cashback Sites we do not recommend


not ratednot ratednot ratednot ratednot rated Cashloop - claimed to be a 100% cashback site. It had the basic look of a decent site, but nothing particularly eye-catching. There was also a site forum but it appeared inactive when we reviewed the site. This would always make us rather wary of using any site, especially considering the lack of effort that appeared to have been put into the site. The site recently ceased to exist which was no surprise to us.

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