What is a Free Lottery Site?

Where you have the chance to win a range of prizes for free such as cash or vouchers just by picking your lucky lottery numbers.

Australian websites

The Best Free Lottery Sites in Australia

There are sites on the web that give you free entries into their lottery prize draws. You can win cash prizes, retail vouchers and other prizes just for spending a few seconds picking your lucky numbers. They fund these lotteries through commercial revenue. Your only 'commitment' is usually to click on advertiser's banners to enter your numbers into the various free lottery draws. Although we personally have not won any cash prizes yet, we have won vouchers to online retailers which is great considering you pay nothing to enter.

This is a new page on The Cashback Express and we are currently researching free Australian lottery sites.If you know of a free Australian lottery site then you can let us know here. Thanks.

Don't forget to always read the terms and conditions of each free lottery site you join and you should never have to pay money in order to receive any winnings. Have fun!

Australian Free Lottery Sites

Free Street Lottery

Brand new site, the Free Street Lottery gives you the chance of winning a welcome cash prize just for checking each day to see if your street (house number/name and street) has won the daily draw. It's simple to register with the site and then check their regular draw to see if your street has won! Unclaimed cash prizes roll over to the following draw increasing the prize amount. Just check the site every day to see which street has been drawn. Winnings are paid via Paypal or Payza. Being a new site, you have a better chance of winning if you sign up now!

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