What is a Cashback Site?

A shopping portal which allows you to earn cashback and rewards for shopping online through that cashback site. Earn back between 0.5% and 40% of your purchases depending on the retailer and cashback site you are using.

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UK websites

The Best Cashback Sites in the UK

Listed below are reviews of some of the best (and worst) cashback sites in the UK. To learn more about how cashback sites work please read our guide to cashback sites which will help you understand much more about how these sites are used and the excellent benefits that are available to you when you shop online through them. We do recommend that you join a selection of these sites to enable you to compare all the benefits and get the most cashback and rewards from your online shopping.

There are quite a lot of cashback sites around at the moment so they are all competing for your loyalty! We list what we consider to be the current most trusted cashback sites, then a selection of other cashback sites, before naming those sites which we do not think compare so favourably to the rest. If you have any comments about these reviews or would like to suggest another site to be considered for inclusion on this page please let us know.

New way to get cashback

visit QmeeQmee is a simple browser app which gives you the chance to earn cash simply for searching online as you would normally do with Google, Amazon, Ebay, Yahoo or Bing. When you search, this app can offer you some paid results to the left of your search results. These paid results link to items relevant to your search and specify a cash value that your click is worth. It's really easy to set up and use and complements your normal search results. Rewards accumulate in your Qmee account. Cash out with payments to Paypal, for gift cards or donate to charity. Try Qmee now.

Our Top UK Cashback Sites

Top Cashback

rated 4.5 gold starsrated 4.5 gold starsrated 4.5 gold starsrated 4.5 gold starsrated 4.5 gold stars Top Cashback is an established cashback site which rewards members with top cashback rates. There's usually no bonus on signing up but you can normally earn up to 5 for referring any friends or family to the site who go on to earn a specified amount in cashback. The site doesn't charge you a comulsory annual fee automatically, although you can choose to opt in to pay an annual 5 fee to receive slightly higher cashback rates and what they call a 'VIP service'.

It has a very good range of online shops and there are sometimes a few 'free' clicks available, but not as many as iMutual (above). The cashback transactions seem to track well and payment is by paypal or bank transfer once your purchases are confirmed by the retailer. We have been paid our cashback several times. There is payout by Amazon gift certificates, M&S e-gift card, or love2shop vouchers too, which if you choose these methods, give you a 5% bonus on top on the cashback you were due. You can also choose to donate a proportion of your cashback to charity. We have tested their support and have received replies relatively quickly which is a positive sign of an active, customer-focused cashback site.


rated 4.5 gold starsrated 4.5 gold starsrated 4.5 gold starsrated 4.5 gold starsrated 4.5 gold stars imutual includes a slightly different idea for cashback shopping online. When you join this site (which is fee-free) you not only earn top cashback rates, but also have the option to become a shareholder in the company, imutual PLC, and get the chance to play a part in its future success. It has some of the best cashback deals online for popular retailers through its group buying power and as a member-owned business. You have the chance to earn shares in the site too with each full cashback transaction and can vote an the annual AGM. There are lots of free recurring cashback offers, such as daily clicks, and you can earn more shares by referring your friends and family to the site to help grow the business further. There are money-off voucher codes and an active forum where you can share great deals with other shareholders and members of imutual. We have received cashback payments by Paypal (you can choose to get it by bank transfer too) from the site and find a number of 'free' cashback options here that are not found elsewhere.


rated 4 gold starsrated 4 gold starsrated 4 gold starsrated 4 gold starsrated 4 gold stars Quidco is one of the established 100% cashback sites which is also one of the popular sites. You can choose to pay an annual 5 administration fee if you want a better service from the site, otherwise it is free to use. It has a good range of competitive cashback offers and a small number of opportunities to earn cashback for shopping instore as well as online. It sends you your cashback either by BACS or by Paypal. You can earn cashback 'offline' (instore) if you register your debit and credit cards with the site and then use those cards in the high streets with the shops listed on the site. Quidco has also recently started rewarding users who refer friends and family to the site. It would be a top rated site if its support was quicker with queries. It is a site that tries hard to do what it can for its users and is keen to earn your loyalty, but with all cashback sites, it is best to shop around for the best rates.

Maximiles (previously iPoints)

rated 4 gold starsrated 4 gold starsrated 4 gold starsrated 4 gold starsrated 4 gold stars Maximiles is possibly one of the best reward website that rewards you in terms of points rather than cash. This site used to be called iPoints, but the name change coincided with an updated website which is very active and fun to use. With Maximiles you do not just get rewarded for shopping online, but also by completing various online offers through the site. There are several interesting extra point earning opportunities that you can opt in for too, such as completing maximiles surveys, watching videos, answering short site polls, and for receiving maximiles e-mails (called Maximail). Although the site does not pay out your rewards in the form of cash, it has an excellent online reward catalogue where you can exchange your maximiles points for retailer vouchers or some really great stuff to buy or do. Such rewards are also achievable from a low starting number of points, which is also a good benefit of membership of this site as points generally do seem quite easy to accumulate. We recommend this site to be a part of your cashback site portfolio as it is very well-established and provides something a little different to other cashback and reward sites that are available to you.

New UK cashback sites


Cashbackers is a new cashback shopping site which is nicely designed and currently pays some excellent 'free' cashback offers. You do have to search for them though. For example there are a couple of travel comparison sites as well as normal price comparison sites and you will need to look for these under the 'travel' as well as 'free cashback' sections. If you're into free cashback opportunities this is a good site to join, but other cashback rates on some online shops are not quite as good as the 100% cashback sites we've listed below. The site does, however, probbaly have the best referral scheme where you earn a percentage of what the person you refer earns for the whole time that they are a member. If you can refer lots of active members to the site this could be a good site for you. We've only just joined the site but noticed the 'free' cashback comparison offers do seem to pay well at present, however they need to be for genuine searches of course otherwise you get nothing. We'll update this review once we have received payment.

More UK Cashback Sites

Give or Take

rated 2 gold starsrated 2 gold starsrated 2 gold starsrated 2 gold starsrated 2 gold stars Give or Take is a decent cashback site with a slight difference in that you can donate all of your cashback to a charity listed on the site or you can of course choose to take the cashback yourself. It still appears regularly maintained, does send out emails from time to time, but has not blogged for a long time. It has a decent number of cashback offers, but they are not 100% cashback offers unlike better sites. The site states no fee will be charged should you Give your cashback to charity, but you will be charged a 5 annual admin fee should you choose to take the cashback for yourself. This site is obviously a good choice if you want to donate to charity in such an easy manner, although there is nothing stopping you using another cashback site and donating your earnings to charity after you've claimed them. The site design is pleasant and calm.

Fat Cheese

rated 1 gold starrated 1 gold starrated 1 gold starrated 1 gold starrated 1 gold star Fat Cheese is an unusual name for a cashback site, but that's about as good as it gets. This particular reward website had a good design when it started out and t is still easy enough to use. However, the offers on the site have become fewer over time and there is nowhere near as much choice as the better sites listed on this page. The site looks like it's not really updated regularly these days. The cashback rates for general online shopping do not appear to be as high as some 100% cashback sites either. Fat Cheese does offer refer a friend payments (once the friend has earned a minimum level of cashback). let us know about it.


not ratednot ratednot ratednot ratednot rated ebuyandsave offers you 5 as a sign up bonus. The payout limit is at 15 of 'approved' cashback and the site offers its members 2.5% of the cashback earned by friends they refer to the site for life. There are several payment methods including by BACS, cheque or paypal. The site is not particularly easy to use and lacks the large number of cashback offers other sites have. It has the feel of a site that hasn't been updated in a long time. This is not a 100% cashback site either. Not one we recommend when there are so many better cashback sites.

Please contact us if any of the information provided on this page is incorrect. Thanks.