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Where you can take part in online competitions for free and have the chance to win some fantastic prizes!

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The Best Free Competition Sites in the UK

There are lots of free competition websites that promote exciting free to enter competitions, where entry only requires you to answer a few questions or even just to enter some of your basic details. Depending on the competition website, there are a wide range of prizes available including cash, electronic goods, holidays, cars, vouchers, chocolates...and much more. These websites are usually free to join and fun to use, and the opportunity to win prizes for free is enjoyed by thousands of people online every day including us!

Here we have reviewed what we consider to be the best free competition websites that we have used. The majority are free to join and participate in, although we have included one or two sites that offer subscription for access to lots of free competitions, not just online but also postal entries. You should always read the terms and conditions and privacy policy of all of the competition sites you join so you know what they do with your personal details.

We now also have our own fab list of free UK competitions opens in new tab/window which we add to regularly after searching the internet for the best competitions to enter.

New Free Competition Sites

Freebies 4 Meebies

Freebies4Meebies is a pleasant freebie site based in the UK which has a section dedicated to free UK competitions that they research and list on the site. They categorise the competitions into various areas, such as cash, cars and holidays, and then list them with details how to enter and even give you answers to competiton questions if you need them. You don't have to register with the site in order to get access to these free competition lists which is a plus. It's a new site so a fuller review to come.

Top Free UK Competition Sites

Get Me a Ticket

Get Me a ticket free competition rated 4 gold starsrated 4 gold starsrated 4 gold starsrated 4 gold starsrated 4 gold stars Get Me a Ticket is a fun and free UK competition website offering free entries into exciting prize draws in return for you receiving information on products that may interest you from their advertising partners. It's a nice site and usuallu has a variety of competitions on offer where you can win anything from cash, cars, accessories, vouchers, holidays and gadgets. If you sign up through this Top Cashback link you can get around a 1 cashback too! This is one of our favourite free online competition sites for the chance to win some great prizes for free.

My Offers

rated 4 gold starsrated 4 gold starsrated 4 gold starsrated 4 gold starsrated 4 gold stars MyOffers is a good free competition site which runs a number of regular online competitions to enter. There are six main categories, such as Money, Travel and Electronic. It offers some fantastic prizes. Normally all that is required is that you answer some marketing questions to validate your entry into each competition although some competitions sometimes require nothing other than just the click of a button. The website tracks those competitions you have already entered so you know which ones you have left to enter. It's a well established site. Register through this Top Cashback link and receive 50pence cash back for doing so.

More UK Competition Sites


rated 3 gold starsrated 3 gold starsrated 3 gold starsrated 3 gold starsrated 3 gold stars Win 4 Now is a free-to-enter online competition and prize draw website that offers you opportunities to win prizes online for free. The site layout and design is simple to use and the prizes on offer have been varied and interesting including, cash, car, and holiday prizes. All that is normally required of you is to answer a few basic questions to validate your entry into each prize draw. The site has recently undergone a lot of change and there are less prizes on offer so we are keeping an eye on it to see whether it will improve or not.

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Instant Win4Now

rated 3 gold starsrated 3 gold starsrated 3 gold starsrated 3 gold starsrated 3 gold stars Instant Win4Now is a free to enter, instant win competition site with a good array of prizes ranging from 5 to thousands of pounds in value. Apart from the free prizes themselves, the best thing about this new site is that you can find out if you are a winner in a matter of minutes. All you have to do is pick three numbers! We like playing for prizes on this site, but have yet to win anything! So the only drawback is that sometimes it feels like you are playing the lottery and perhaps the odds of winning the prize are not always that high, but at least there is a chance!

Crazy Compers

rated 2 gold starsrated 2 gold starsrated 2 gold starsrated 2 gold starsrated 2 gold stars Crazy Compers is a free site that lists new UK competitions on offer to you. At first sight it does seem a good source of information for the avid comper who wants to know for free which competitions are available to enter, however some of the competitions listed are now out of date. The information is categorised into sections depending on what you could win by taking part in the competition. If you have any positive or negative experience of this site please do not hesitate to contact us.

Simply Prizes

rated 2 gold starsrated 2 gold starsrated 2 gold starsrated 2 gold starsrated 2 gold stars Simply Prizes is for the person who is addicted to entering free competitions! It is a subscription based service. Why? For the comprehensive research and work this small team puts into locating free prize competition opportunities (online and postal) for you and then telling you simply how to enter them. They take the effort out of finding the competitions and instead provide you with a huge number of opportunities to win prizes for free. If you like competitions then it may be worth your time at least browsing the site to get a feel for it and then deciding whether to sign up. The subscription can be cancelled at any time, but at the same time you have to ask yourself if it is worth paying for a service when you can already access numerous competitions for free from the other sites listed on this page too.

Please contact us if any of the information provided on this page is incorrect stating why you believe it to be so.