European websites

European Reward Sites

If you live in the EU there are lots websites where you can earn online rewards for shopping online and for giving your opinion by completing surveys. We review the best sites as well as the worst to help you to decide which European reward sites are the best for you.

European cashback sitesEuropean Cashback Reward Sites - quite simply reward you for shopping online through them. They are free to join and you can earn a variety of rewards just for doing your shopping online using these European cashback sites.

European paid survey sitesEuropean Survey Sites - We all have an opinion and these sites reward you with online vouchers, gift prizes and sometimes cash payments when you give yours. There are lots of European paid survey sites conducting market research online and rewarding you in some way for your time and thoughts. We review the best online opinion panels to help you decide which ones are worth giving your time to and which perhaps are not. You should never have to pay for any of this information as it is free here on The Cashback Express!

If you know of any European based sites that are not yet listed on The Cashback Express, please let us know using this form giving the name of the site(s) you are referring to with your comments. We also welcome your own feedback on the reward websites already listed. Thanks!