What is a European Paid Survey Site?

An online market research panel for European citizens and reidents, which allows you to give your opinion by completing online surveys or taking part in online focus groups and rewards you in some way for participating.

European websites

European Paid Survey Sites

Completing online surveys in Europe

If you live in Europe then the following paid survey sites and online opinion panels offer you the chance to express your opinions on a number of important issues and topics of today, as well as give your opinion from the perspective of a consumer on a variety of existing products and services and new ideas. what are your opinions worth? In return for your participation, these survey sites offer you a range of rewards including cash payments, shopping vouchers, charity donations, and entries into prize draws and sweepstakes.

All of these sites are free to join and particpation in individual paid surveys normally takes anything between 5 and 30 minutes. You may also get the opportunity to test new products at home or take part in focus groups. Your opinion is important and these survey sites give you the chance to express it!

Learn more about how online survey sites work by reading our paid survey guide opens in new tab/window.

One more thing: genuine paid survey websites often conduct data quality checks on survey responses to find the minority who give fraudulent answers, genuine survey takers have nothing to worry about here and can enjoy answering questions and getting rewarded for doing so.

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European Paid Survey Sites Reviewed


InstaGC is a rewards site where you can earn points for completing surveys and participating in other offers such as watching videos, completing tasks and searching online. These points are exchangeable for Amazon gift cards in France and Germany and can be obtained quickly with just 130 points giving you a 1Euro gift card.
GermanyFrance Join InstaGC here

Global Test Market

rated 4 gold starsrated 4 gold starsrated 4 gold starsrated 4 gold starsrated 4 gold stars GlobalTestMarket is a global online research survey panel which awards you 'MarketPoints' for participating fully in surveys you are invited to complete. Upon receiving 1000 of these points (each point at present is worth 5 US cents) you can redeem them and request a cheque (in your local currency). We have received a large number of valuable invitations in a relatively small space of time, but have learned that sometimes you need to be quick in responding as, within hours of the invitation, the survey can be closed once the required number of respondents have replied. Certainly recommended for the very good rewards offered and interesting survey opportunities, although it can take a little time to get to the payout threshold. One extra positive is that even if you are screened out of a survey you should normally receive a few points for your time and effort.
Join the panel below, or read more about it in our full GlobalTestMarket review opens in new window/tab.

Germany Join GlobalTestMarket (Globaler Versuchsmarkt) German survey panel

EU Join GlobalTestMarket general survey panel for other EU countries.


rated 4 gold starsrated 4 gold starsrated 4 gold starsrated 4 gold starsrated 4 gold stars Toluna (formerly known as Test and Vote) is a fun and interesting panel that allows you to give your opinion and earn rewards in many ways. For example, you can take online surveys, participate in quick website polls, create your own mini polls and sign up to test new products. Each of these methods accumulates you points which are ultimately exchangeable for lots of choices of rewards such as vouchers to several popular online retailers, Facebook credits, or entries into the monthly site draws. You decide what to do with your points. It's a fun site, has lots of members and an active community. Survey invitations are quite frequent at present so you should be able to accumulate those points quickly. Surveys usually take between 5 and 30 minutes to complete.

Ipsos Consumer Panel

rated 4 gold starsrated 4 gold starsrated 4 gold starsrated 4 gold starsrated 4 gold stars Ipsos is an excellent and well-known global online opinion and consumer panel. The surveys are usually simple and enjoyable to complete and we have been receiving regular surveys for over three years suggesting a very active online panel. For every survey you participate in you will receive a varying number of points, depending on whether you complete the whole survey, or part of it, and also depending on the length of the survey too. These rewards are exchangeable for vouchers to a number of popular shops and online retailers. This survey site not only sends you surveys but also surveys for other members of your household so the points can accumulate quite quickly and you can get your vouchers in decent time. The site offers product testing too although we have yet to be asked to do this. They are currently recruiting from the following countries for their panel:


rated 4 gold starsrated 4 gold starsrated 4 gold starsrated 4 gold starsrated 4 gold stars ACOP - stands for America Consumer Opinion Panel and is a worldwide panel that distributes online surveys or focus group opportunities which can pay anything between the equivalent of US$2 and US$50 in Euros. Although invitations to particiapate in surveys can be rare, the rewards are generally much higher than other such sites...making it more than worthwhile spending five minutes just signing up to the site and filling out your profile. You also sometimes get paid per survey that you complete, or, if not, you only have to accumulate $10 in your ACOP account before claiming your money in Euros. They also have monthly draws to win a prize which all members are part of. Payment is by cheque and normally in your local currency. The site is available in a number of European languages.

Pure Profile

rated 4 gold starsrated 4 gold starsrated 4 gold starsrated 4 gold starsrated 4 gold stars Pure Profile is an innovative survey website which is profesionally run and gives its members the chance to earn money giving their opinion online. When you register, you need to create a profile of yourself by following an easy to complete online process. Once created you will receive surveys to complete. You can redeem your cash rewards directly into your bank account once you have earned enough in your Pure Profile account. It's a good site that is well worth trying out. One further benefit of being part of this panel is that you are often given a small cash reward even if you do not qualify to complete a full survey.

More Paid Survey Sites in Europe Reviewed

Survey Savvy

rated 3 gold starsrated 3 gold starsrated 3 gold starsrated 3 gold starsrated 3 gold stars Survey Savvy - is an international provider of paid survey opportunities offering good cash rewards which are paid in US$. The stated average reward for completion of a survey is $3 but we have been offered rewards of between $2 and $20. Each month the site pays $10 to 50 members taken from a pool of those who have not qualified to participate in a survey during that time. There is no minimum nor maximum payout threshold and all payments are made by cheque. You can also refer friends and family to the site and receive extra rewards based on what they earn when completing surveys themselves. We have only received a few opportunities to complete surveys on this site, but we recommend the site as the potential rewards are very good and the site is professional. Of course whilst the site only pays out in US$ this is a notable disadvantage to those living in the rest of the world.

Spider Metrix

rated 3 gold starsrated 3 gold starsrated 3 gold starsrated 3 gold starsrated 3 gold stars Spider Metrix - is an Australian based survey site which rewards you with spiderpoints for participating in quick online site polls and longer website evaluations and surveys. These are often geographically targetted, and given that it is an Australian panel there are generally more opportunities for Australians and New Zealand, however we have seen surveys directed at some European countries too such as Greece and the site is available to any nationality. Even if you do not get invited to take part in the longer surveys there are frequent one point polls where you can quickly express your opinion on a particular question and then receive a spider point for your time. The points are exchangeable for cash payable via paypal or in the form of a cheque, or gift certificates, or you can choose to donate to charity. There is also a forum too where you can talk to other site members if you wish to!

Opinion World

rated 3 gold starsrated 3 gold starsrated 3 gold starsrated 3 gold starsrated 3 gold stars Opinion World - is a fun survey site that rewards you with entries into regular prize draws as a thankyou for giving your opinion on a wide range of subjects. There are sometimes opportunities to participate in product testing too. Participation in this online panel also supports a number of charities, where you can choose between three options each time you complete an online survey. Occasionally some of the longer surveys or special surveys will reward you with points for completing them which can be redeemed for various rewards once you accumulate enough of them in your Opinion World account. In our experience you certainly receive lots of opportunities to complete what are normally interesting surveys, however we have to say that the rewards (in terms of various prize draw entries and occasional points) are not as fulfilling as what you can receive on some other sites. The surveys are on a wide range of subjects such as films, topical issues, shopping and electronics to name but a few and you never know, you might just win a big prize!

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