Free Bitcoin, really?

Yes, you can claim small amounts of Bitcoin for free. Start building that balance today!

Free Bitcoin Sites

free crypto currencies?These sites give away free Bitcoin. We've reviewed and listed free paying Bitcoin sites below. You'll receive a small amount of Bitcoin with each claim you make (for example once an hour). This claim will be shown as a fraction of 1 whole Bitcoin (i.e. 0.00000199) or a number of 'satoshi' (i.e. 199 satoshi) which is basically the number of units shown in a fraction. Remember, the value of 1 Bitcoin is around US$9000 at the moment (March 2018) so if you accumulate over time from free Bitcoin sites you're effectively getting something of value for free!

Free Bitcoin site reviews


free Bitcoin hereFree is our current favourite site for claiming free Bitcoin. It's a simple site to use. All you have to do is register with an email address and click the 'FREE BTC' tab at the top left. Then correctly enter a simple captcha (to make sure you are a real person claiming) and click ROLL. A random number is then generated which links to the amount of free Bitcoin that will be added to your site account. It's brilliantly simple and quick to claim.

What's more, every time you roll you will receive free entries into their weekly lottery (to win more Bitcoin - 10 winners each week) and also Reward Points which you can exchange for different options (see top menu tab 'REWARDS' for more info).

You can play this free Bitcoin claim once each hour to accumulate more Bitcoin and get more rewards and lottery entries. There is a convenient timer which tells you when you can next play.

There is also another game on the site called 'Multiply BTC' where you can bet an amount of the Bitcoin in your site account to try and increase it by playing a simple higher/lower guessing game.

Payment is made directly to your Bitcoin address (wallet) which you can receive automatically each Sunday or request manually once you have reached 30,000 satoshi (0.00030000btc). You can also choose to 'save' your Bitcoin and earn interest on it.
It's the best free Bitcoin site we have used: sign up and discover why!

Moon Bitcoin

Moon Bitcoin is a nice little site (but with a lot of ads) which rewards you with satoshi (small fractional amounts of Bitcoin) for entering your Bitcoin address and a captcha. Once you register your site account starts filling up with satoshi until you make a claim. The longer you wait the more you will be able to claim, but the rate of increase slows with time. You can claim a smaller amount every 5 minutes, or visit once per day and claim the larger amount that would have built up while you were away. Your claims accumulate in your Moon Bitcoin account and the total is paid directly to your bitcoin wallet each week on Sunday, as long as your balance is at least 25,000 satoshi.

Bleutrade Cryptocurrency Exchange

Please contact us to let us know about any other reliable sites which offer free digital currency.