Paid Surveys In Ireland

Listed and reviewed here are businesses, organisations, companies and market researchers who are looking for Irish opinions and are willing to reward you for those opinions in some way.

Irish paid survey websites

Ireland Survey Sites

Rewards for Irish opinions

If you are living and ordinarily resident in Ireland the paid survey sites listed and reviewed here are aimed at you. We aim to list the best survey sites that are looking for Irish opinions and are willing to reward for them.

You can understand more about how paid online survey sites work by reading our informative online guide to paid surveys. It explains more about how survey websites work, why they are looking for your thoughts and opinions, and what rewards you can hope to receive when participating in the online surveys that they send you.

A friendly word of advice: genuine paid survey websites often make data quality checks on survey answers and if someone is found to be fraudulently responding to surveys or not taking them seriously they will lose any benefits they have accrued on these sites. Our advice is to enjoy these Irish paid survey sites, complete their surveys fully and properly, enjoy giving your opinion, and enjoy your rewards.

If you have any comments about the Irish opinion panels listed here or any of the reviews please contact us here.

Page updated on 5th April 2016

Ireland Paid Survey Sites and Irish Opinion Panels


ACOP - good paid survey rewards ACOP - stands for America Consumer Opinion Panel and is a worldwide panel that distributes online surveys or focus group opportunities which can pay anything between US$2 and US$50. Although invitations to participate in surveys can be rare, the rewards are usually much higher than other such sites and you do not have to accumulate cash or points before getting paid for completing their surveys, they send the checks out at the end of the research period. This certainly makes it worthwhile spending five minutes just signing up to the site and filling out your profile. They also run monthly draws to win US$250 which all global members are part of. Payment is by cheque.

Global Test Market

Global Test Market - is one of our favourite paid survey sites which sends you regular invitations to complete online survey questionnaires. It is a global site which awards you 'marketpoints' whenever you fully complete one of their paid surveys. Once you reach 1000 of these points (each point at present is worth 5 US cents) you can redeem them and request a cheque for payment in your local currency. The rewards are usually fair and, unlike many other online survey sites, you sometimes receive a small credit even when you do not qualify for a survey. If you do not receive any such credit, you will normally at least receive entries into their regular prize draws.

Europinions Ireland

Europinions (Ireland) rewards you for your opinions when you fully complete the paid surveys that they send you. You are informed of what you will receive before you complete the survey and the rewards vary depending on the type and length of the online survey you are selected to complete. Your rewards accumulate in your Europinions account and once they reach Euro50 you can cash out and receive your rewards. Rewards offered include Amazon vouchers, Boots vouchers, mobile phone credits, gift vouchers, and charity donations. If you have any comments about the Europinions site please let us know.


Toluna is a global market research panel which rewards you with points each time you complete one of their online questionnaires or one of their quick site polls. This is a site that also offers you the opportunity to apply to test new products when they are available, which is an exciting feature of being a member of this survey site. Your points accumulate in your account and you cah choose to spend them in a variety of ways, whether by entering their prize draws, receiving gift vouchers for various shops, or for Facebook credits. It's a fun site to be a part of where you can give your opinion and even ask your own questions.

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