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The Paid Viewpoint panel is a new research panel to us which gives its members the chance to earn cash when they participate in online research. Build up your trust score and earn more when you complte their surveys.

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What is a UK Paid Survey Site?

An online research panel for people who live in the UK which rewards you for expressing your opinion through completing online surveys or taking part in focus groups and product testing.

UK websites

UK Paid Survey Website Reviews

Here you will find our written reviews of the best paid survey sites and online consumer panels which conduct market research in the UK. We aim to show you the paid survey sites which you can trust and those that are, in our opinion, best avoided.

what do you think?Read our survey panel reviews below and get rewarded for giving your opinions. Rewards are normally paid in the form of cash (by Paypal, cheque or bank transfer, depending on the survey panel), gift cards and vouchers (like Amazon), or entries into cash and gift prize draws, each time you fully complete a survey giving your honest opinion. If you get screened out of a survey (i.e. do not qualify to take part in the full paid survey) you will not get the full reward, but some sites do offer small incentives as a thankyou for making the effort to participate.

You can learn more about surveys and online opinion panels by reading our trusted guide about paid surveys opens in new tab/window. It's been written to help you to understand how survey sites work, why they exist, and what benefits and rewards you can expect to receive when participating in the online questionnaires that they send you.

A little more information about paid survey sites

You can trust our reviewsGenuine paid survey sites are always free to join, you should never pay to sign up. Once registered, complete your profile as fully as possible to give you a greater chance of access to more surveys.

trusted informationA friendly note: genuine paid survey sites conduct quality checks on question responses to look out for the small number of people who give fraudulent answers. Genuine survey takers have nothing to worry about though and can enjoy the exciting rewards for giving their valued opinions.

Now read our trusted paid survey site reviews below, choose the best panels, register with a few of them, and start getting rewarded for your valuable time and opinions.

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Page updated 24th March 2018

New UK paid survey sites

Branded Surveys Panel

The Branded Surveys panel used to be called the Mintvine Panel and has been successfully paying people for taking surveys for some time and has become an established paid survey provider. You earn points for each full survey you complete which can be cashed out via Paypal or gift card (Amazon UK, M&S, House of Fraser, Debenhams, iTunes, and more) when you reach the payment threshold. They usually have a lot of surveys on offer, they pay out relatively quickly and run quick polls which can help you to earn easy points towards your paayout threshold. We like the panel, it's easy to use, and has a lot of options for cashing out your points.

Paid Viewpoint UK panel

Paid Viewpoint is an innovative new paid survey site which offers genuine market research, shorter surveys and better rewards for those who take the time to answer their surveys properly. After registering with the site you can start to improve what is called your 'TraitScore' by completing the initial profile and surveys. This is a kind of trust score which reflects how honestly you complete surveys. As the score gradually improves (by answering questions properly and not contradicting yourself) so do the rewards you receive for their paid surveys. On first sight this appears a really good survey panel with a lot of potential, which offers shorter surveys and more interesting ways of completing them. Once you reach US$15 in your panel account you can request payment of your paid survey earnings via Paypal only. It's a new survey site for us so there'll be a fuller review once we start receiving more surveys from them.

Consumer-Opinion Panel (must be at least 14 years of age)

The unique Consumer-Opinion panel is an interesting new panel which rewards you with cash for each paid survey you fully complete with them. The panel is run by a European market research institute based in Germany. You are nicely rewarded with payments into your panel account, the amount of each payment generally depends on how long the survey you participate in takes and is often quite generous compared to some other well known paid survey sites. These panel payments are in euros, but when you reach the payment threshold (currently 10 euros) you are paid in the pound sterling equivalent directly into your bank account (so you must have a bank account to receive payment). Occasionally the panel rewards with a prize draw entry, but you are informed of this in the survey invitation email you receive. We like the look of the site and have received a few surveys so far which have been different to other panels, original and interesting.

Inbox Pounds

Inbox Pounds rewards its members with cash payments for completing surveys, doing internet tasks, searching the net, playing free games, reading emails, signing up to offers, and referring active friends to the site, plus even more specified ways. You currently receive a 1 registration bonus. Your rewards accumulate in your account until you reach the payment threshold of 20 when you can request payment by cheque to your home address. After your first payment you become a 'Gold member' where your earning power increases. You must be aged at least 18 to become a member of this site and remain active on the site for all earning features to be enabled.

Opinion Plus UK panel

The UK Opinion Plus panel is a brand new site where you are rewarded with points for answering their online surveys. 100 points is worth 1 and once you reach the equivalent of 10 in your panel account you are paid your rewards via Paypal at the end of the following month. Full review to come as it's a totally new site for us, but on first site it looks bland, generic and similar to other sites.

The Best UK Paid Survey Sites Reviewed

YouGov panel review

rated 4.5 gold starsrated 4.5 gold starsrated 4.5 gold starsrated 4.5 gold starsrated 4.5 gold stars YouGov is an independent research agency whose survey results are often seen in newspapers and on TV. Without doubt, it is one of the best paid survey sites we are a member of and we receive on average five or six opportunities per month to express our opinion on original research and receive rewards for it. It usually pays you a reward of between 50 and 100 points for many of the surveys you are asked to complete and they are usually finished within fifteen minutes. It has occasional prize draw surveys too, which again are fairly easy and interesting to complete, where you have the chance to win some fab cash or other prizes. It is a professional site and it is nice to know that your opinions really do matter and are used in genuine research. You get asked about lots of interesting subjects, including politics and current affairs so you can voice your opinion on a whole range of issues. The only negative point we can find for this panel is that the payout level is 50 and it can take time to reach this figure. Even so, participation is certainly very rewarding, fun and worthwhile. If you refer active friends to the site you can qualify for 2 (200 points) to your account once they have completed some surveys. Payment is by BACS or cheque.


rated 4.5 gold starsrated 4.5 gold starsrated 4.5 gold starsrated 4.5 gold starsrated 4.5 gold stars Viewsbank is a consumer research panel which gives its members the chance to earn cash through participation in a variety of research options such as online polls, paid surveys, forum contributions, mystery shopping, and home assignments. It's run by an independent and well known research company called Consumer Intelligence and is looking for opinionated consumers to tell them what they think about products and services through online questionnaires, focus groups, their forum and interesting research assignments. Rewards are clearly stated up front before you start a survey or project and vary between cash payments or prize draws. Cash is paid by Paypal once you have accumulated 12, which can take a little time if you do not get invited to the bigger projects they run. You must be at least 17 years old to join.

Pure Profile review

rated 4 gold starsrated 4 gold starsrated 4 gold starsrated 4 gold starsrated 4 gold stars Pure Profile is an innovative survey panel which is currently one of the leading survey providers that rewards you with cash for your time and efforts. It's a site which has fairly regular paid survey invites and a new panel website giving it a very professional look. When you register you need to create a profile of yourself by following easy to complete profile-building polls and questions. It can take a little time to complete and there are always new questions appearing whilst you are a member. Once created you will receive paid survey invitations by email and also directly to your panel account. We recommend you log in regularly to check if you have any outstanding invitations. Each survey you fully complete rewards with cash into your panel account. You are notified what a survey is worth before you start it. If you are screened out and do not qualify to complete the full questionnaire the panel often gives you a small cash incentive as a thankyou for taking the time to try. You can redeem your rewards in cash directly into your bank account once you reach the payout threshold which is currently 25. It's a very good site that is well worth trying out and it now has a global reach. We have redeemed rewards from this site on several occasions.

Survey Friends

SurveyFriends logo

rated 4 gold starsrated 4 gold starsrated 4 gold starsrated 4 gold starsrated 4 gold stars Survey Friends is an opinion panel where you can earn rewards in the form of vouchers for completing relatively short online survey questionnaires. For each short poll you complete (they usually average about 4 to 15 minutes in duration) you will receive a specified number of survey points. These points accumulate in your panel account and when you reach the threshold of 20,000 points you can exchange them for a 10 gift card or voucher to one of many popular retailers, including Amazon, Love2shop, M&S, and Arcadia gift cards. If you prefer you can use your survey points to donate to charity or enter the site lottery to win specified prizes.
You can also earn 'social points' for completing your profiles and referring friends to the site. You can then use these points to enter voucher auctions where the highest staked amount of these points wins the voucher at the end of the auction period. If you do not win the auction your social points are returned to you. We like this fun survey site, although it can take a little time to get enough points to get your gift card. We can confirm that we have successfully received our first gift card from completing enough surveys.

ACOP UK panel

rated 4 gold starsrated 4 gold starsrated 4 gold starsrated 4 gold starsrated 4 gold stars ACOP - stands for America Consumer Opinion Panel and is a worldwide panel that distributes online paid surveys or focus group opportunities which can generally reward you with anything between 2 and 25. Although invitations to participate in their paid surveys do seem to be rather rare, the rewards are generally much higher than other such sites...making it more than worthwhile spending five minutes just signing up to the site and filling out your profile. They also have monthly draws which all members are part of. Payment is by cheque. We have received cheques (they pay in pounds if you live in the UK) from this paid survey provider. It would be one of the top paid survey sites in the UK if more regular invitations to take surveys were received, but ACOP is still a site worth joining as you sometimes get paid after each study finishes, depending on the study and reward earned.

UK Paid Survey Sites

MySurvey Paid Survey Panel (must be over 16 years of age)

rated 4 gold starsrated 4 gold starsrated 4 gold starsrated 4 gold starsrated 4 gold stars MySurvey is a popular, global and established online consumer research panel. It is one of the better paid survey panels available to you. You are asked for your opinions on a wide range of subjects and each time you complete a full survey you receive MySurvey points. The longer the survey, the more points you receive. Even if you are screened out you receive entries into the site's regular prize draws. MySurvey points rewards can be exchanged for an excellent choice of redemption options. For example, they can be redeemed for Paypal payments, online gift vouchers or high street vouchers (including Amazon gift certificates), and charity donations. The lowest Paypal payout value is very easily obtainable at 3. The MySurvey panel is a combination of two well-known market research organisations, Lightspeed and TNS. It's a professional panel and the surveys are well written and interesting. It also seems to be a very active panel with regular invitations each week to take part in their online research. We have successfully redeemed rewards from the site.
If you register with and sign up through Top Cashback here you can get also cash back on your registration with MySurvey too.

Ipsos i-Say Consumer Panel

rated 4 gold starsrated 4 gold starsrated 4 gold starsrated 4 gold starsrated 4 gold stars The Ipsos i-Say Consumer Panel is one of the UK's leading online consumer opinion panels. The surveys are well written, straightforward and usually relevant to you. We have been receiving regular surveys for over six years, which proves it is an active and trustworthy opinion panel. For every survey you participate in you will receive a varying number of points, depending on whether you complete the whole survey, part of it, and also depending on the length of the survey too. These points are exchangeable for gift vouchers to a number of popular high street and online retailers (including Amazon UK, John Lewis, Argos, WHSmith, Topshop, Miss Selfridges).
This paid survey site not only sends surveys to you, but also to other members of your household, so the points can accumulate quickly and you can get your gift cards and vouchers in reasonable time. The site offers product testing too which is a fun way to get rewarded and also try out new products for free. We have made several successful redemptions from this excellent panel, which is certainly one of the better survey sites around at the moment.


rated 4 gold starsrated 4 gold starsrated 4 gold starsrated 4 gold starsrated 4 gold stars Panelbase offers you cash rewards for taking part in different research studies. The main way you earn cash is by completing their unique online surveys, although they do also sometimes offer focus groups and product testing. Surveys can be completed by email, SMS, phone and post. Once you have accumulated just 10 in your Panelbase account you can cash out by BACS or use it to receive a Love2shop voucher, or donate it to charity. At the moment new members who fully register and verify their details receive 3 in their new Panelbase accounts. You must be at least 16 years of age to join. As a member of the site, if you are screened out of any surveys you receive an entry into the monthly prize draw where you could win 50.

GlobalTestMarket (GTM) online panel

rated 4 gold starsrated 4 gold starsrated 4 gold starsrated 4 gold starsrated 4 gold stars GlobalTestMarket (GTM) is another of the best sites for paid surveys which we recommend. It awards you with 'Marketpoints' for participating in paid surveys that you fully complete. Each point at present is worth approximately 5 US cents and you can redeem them through the GlobalTestMarket rewards catalogue with redemptions starting at a low value of just 174 points for a 5 Amazon (UK) voucher or 182 points for 5 via Paypal. There are numerous other reward options for you to choose from, such as various high street and online vouchers, which make this a very attractive paid survey site. However note that you must have at least 1000 Marketpoints of rewards in your reward catalogue shopping cart before you can make any redemptions. We've been members now for over seven years and continue to receive frequent survey invitations which has allowed us to accumuate Marketpoints fairly quickly and cash out several times. The rewards for each fully completed survey are usually fair and, even if you do not qualify for any survey and are screened out, you will normally receive entries into their regular cash prize draws. Their quarterly draw currently rewards 103 winners with the top prize draw winner receiving 500!

Toluna UK review

join Toluna UK rated 4 gold starsrated 4 gold starsrated 4 gold starsrated 4 gold starsrated 4 gold stars Toluna (formerly known as Test and Vote) is a popular, global online panel that allows you to earn rewards in many ways. You can take online surveys, take part in a range of product testing, and participate in quick website polls. Each of these methods accumulates you points which are ultimately exchangeable for gift cards and vouchers to several popular online retailers, other gifts, or entries into the monthly draw to win a cash prize. It's a fun site, has lots of members and you can create your own questions and answer those posed by other users too. Survey invitations are currently very frequent so you should be able to accumulate points quickly. Surveys take between 5 and 30 minutes to complete. We've also had the oppotunity to test products such as food items and stationery! What we will say is that you must ensure you use your gained points as they do expire after a period of time as displayed in your Toluna account.

Opinion Outpost UK

rated 3.5 gold starsrated 3.5 gold starsrated 3.5 gold starsrated 3.5 gold starsrated 3.5 gold stars Opinion Outpost has been an established American online survey panel for some time and is recruiting more members to its UK survey panel. You are rewarded with Opinion Points when you fully complete their surveys and these points are redeemable for cash payments via Paypal once you've earned the minimum amount, which is currently an accessible 2.50. Every 20 points are worth 1 or $2 and you can request a payout once you reach 50 Opinion Points, which is a very good and easy to reach low level. You can also choose to use your points to claim iTunes or Amazon vouchers too. Each survey invitation will tell you exactly how many points you could earn if you qualify and complete the whole questionnaire. You must attempt to take at least one survey every three months to remain a member of this panel. On some occasions you may be offered other rewards such as sweepstakes entries or different prizes, but the survey invite should tell you this before you commence the survey. We have joined the panel, received a payment, but do find the surveys can sometimes be a bit long and occasionally boring. However, the payout is low so the site has that as its advantage. You must be 18 years of age or over to become a member of this site.

Valued Opinions

rated 4.5 gold starsrated 4.5 gold starsrated 4.5 gold starsrated 4.5 gold starsrated 4.5 gold stars Valued Opinions is an international online research panel which offers original and interesting surveys sent to you at regular intervals by e-mail. We have been a part of this programme for some time and have already received numerous opportunities to give our opinion for worthwhile rewards. The rewards you earn are exchangeable for both Amazon gift certificates and various retail vouchers for a good selection of high street and online shops. This is an active site at the moment and we certainly recommend it as one to join if you like to give your opinion on a whole range of topics. You can start to redeem your rewards for vouchers once you have earned 10 (Amazon cashout requires 15). Surveys normally last between 10 and 30 minutes and rewards are normally between 0.50 and 5.00 depending on the survey type and length.

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