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Get rewarded for your important opinions. Big business wants to know what you think and are willing to reward you for your time and thoughts. Check out the paid survey sites listed here which are specifically for residents of Australia.

Australian websites

Australian Paid Surveys

There are many companies, businesses and organisations who want to know what you think about their products, services and new ideas and concepts. Paid surveys are how they go about getting your opinions and there are a large number of paid survey sites who will reward you for your time and considered thoughts. Rewards for Australian opinions

You can learn more about paid surveys work by reading our paid surveys guide opens in new window. It explains more about how these sites work, why they exist and what benefits and rewards you can receive when participating in the online surveys that they send you.

These sites are not going to make you rich, but they give you the chance to air your opinion on a variety of subjects and get rewarded for doing so. The more paid survey sites you join, the more rewards you could receive. Don't forget to read each site's terms and conditions. We have listed below what we consider to be the best and also not so good Australian paid survey sites.

trusted informationImportant information: genuine Australian paid survey sites often conduct checks on question answers to catch the small minority who fraudulently answer surveys. As a genuine survey taker you do not need to worry about this at all and can have fun saying what you think and enjoy the good rewards and benefits described below for doing so!

OK, you're now ready to read our Australian paid survey reviews. If you have any comments about them, please contact us here.

New Australian Paid Survey Sites

The Best Australian Paid Survey Sites

Pure Profile (must be aged over 13)

rated 4 gold starsrated 4 gold starsrated 4 gold starsrated 4 gold starsrated 4 gold stars Pure Profile - is an innovative and well established paid survey website where you answer surveys and earn cash for your time and knowledge. You need to create a profile of yourself by following an easy to complete online question process. Once created you will receive paid surveys to complete which will reward you with cash into your pureprofile account. One great feature of this Australian paid survey site is that if you get screened out of a survey (do not qualify) they will sometimes credit your account with a small amount as an appreciation of your time and effort. You can redeem your rewards in cash directly into your bank account once you have earned AUD$25. You can also receive extra rewards for referring your friends to the site who go on to become active members of the site. It's a really good site that is well worth trying out. One important point of note - unlike other survey sites we have found that you sometimes have to log in to the site in order to know of surveys you are invited to, otherwise you may not always receive an email notice of their availability.

Spider Metrix

rated 4 gold starsrated 4 gold starsrated 4 gold starsrated 4 gold starsrated 4 gold stars Spider Metrix is an Australian based survey site which rewards you with spiderpoints for participating in quick online site polls and longer website evaluations and surveys. These are often geographically targetted, and given that it is an Australian panel there are a good number of opportunities for Australians! There is, of course, no guarantee you will be chosen to partcipate, but opportunities do seem to be more frequent this year. The points are exchangeable for cash payable via paypal or in the form of a cheque, or gift certificates, or you can choose to donate to charity. There is also a forum too where you can talk to other site members if you wish to!

Toluna Survey Panel

rated 4 gold starsrated 4 gold starsrated 4 gold starsrated 4 gold starsrated 4 gold stars Toluna - is a well-established and international survey site. It is a great website where you earn points when you are selected to test interesting new products (and getting to keep them), completing short online polls on the website and by taking part in a variety of interesting online surveys. Your accumulated points are exchangeable for entries into the monthly prize draw or for online vouchers at selected retailers, you get to choose what you do with your points. Their surveys and online studies are often easy to complete and sometimes really innovative. We like the site and have been members for over five years.

MySurvey Australia (Ages 18+)

rated 4 gold starsrated 4 gold starsrated 4 gold starsrated 4 gold starsrated 4 gold stars MySurvey - is an attractively designed paid survey site for Australians, run professionally (by global market research firm Lightspeed Research), and one that rewards you for your time and opinion wiht MySurvey points. These points accumulate as you complete more surveys and can be reedeemed for a variety of rewards, such as a paypal cash payment and gift vouchers to popular retailers like Bigpond music, dStore and EB Games. The site has a rewards catalogue with offers for you to choose from. The site also runs a quarterly prize draw, entries for which can be received by joining the site, attempting surveys and completing site mini polls.

Valued Opinions

rated 4 gold starsrated 4 gold starsrated 4 gold starsrated 4 gold starsrated 4 gold stars Valued Opinions - is a very good international survey site offering surveys to respondents at regular intervals by e-mail. We have been a part of this programme for nearly two years and have already received lots of opportunities to give our opinion in exchange for rewards. The rewards you earn are exchangeable for retail vouchers taken from a selection available on the site. You can normally earn the equivalent of between AU$1 and AU$5 for each survey you fully complete and once you have accumulated $20 in your account you can exchange them. We certainly recommend Valued Opinions as an interesting and easy to use survey site for you to consider becoming a part of.

More Australian Paid Survey Site Reviews


rated 4 gold starsrated 4 gold starsrated 4 gold starsrated 4 gold starsrated 4 gold stars ACOP stands for America Consumer Opinion Panel and is a worldwide panel that distributes online surveys or focus group opportunities which can pay anything between the equivalent of US$4 and US$50. Although invitations to particiapate in surveys can be rare, the rewards are generally much higher than other such sites...making it more than worthwhile spending five minutes just signing up to the site and filling out your profile. You also got paid per survey that you complete and you do not have to build up a certain amount of money before getting paid like other sites sometimes stipulate. They also have monthly draws to win a prize which all members are part of. Payment is by cheque.

Global TestMarket

rated 4 gold starsrated 4 gold starsrated 4 gold starsrated 4 gold starsrated 4 gold stars GlobalTestMarket is a global market research company which awards you 'MarketPoints' for participating in surveys you are invited to complete. Upon receiving 1000 of these points (each point at present is worth 5 US cents) you can redeem them and request a cheque (in your local currency). During out six year membership of this panel we have consistently received regular invitations to take part in their paid surveys, which shows an active opinion panel. We certainly recommended this site for the very good rewards offered and interesting surveys, although it can sometimes take a little time to get to the payout threshold. One extra positive is that even if you are screened out of a survey you should normally receive an entry into their regular prize draws for your time and effort.

Survey Savvy

rated 3 gold starsrated 3 gold starsrated 3 gold starsrated 3 gold starsrated 3 gold stars Survey Savvy - is an international provider of paid survey opportunities offering good cash rewards which are paid in US$. The stated average reward for completion of a survey is $3 but we have been offered rewards of between $2 and $20. Each month the site pays $10 to 50 members taken from a pool of those who have not qualified to participate in a survey during that time. There is no minimum nor maximum payout threshold and all payments are made by cheque. You can also refer friends and family to the site and receive extra rewards based on what they earn when completing surveys themselves. We have only received a few opportunities to complete surveys on this site, but we recommend the site as the potential rewards are very good and the site is professional. Of course whilst the site only pays out in US$ this is a notable disadvantage to those living in the rest of the world.

Paid Survey Sites in Australia we do not currently recommend

These are sites that either appear inactive, untrustworthy or are potential scams.


not ratednot ratednot ratednot ratednot rated QSample - claims to be an international survey website which on the face of it appears to offer good rewards in return for members completing surveys. The site design is a little clumsy and has not been updated in all our time as members of the site. We cannot recommend it until we have received a survey, completed it and received payment for it, and we have been a member for well over two years! It is possibly aimed more at North American users, but we have never received a good report about the site.


not ratednot ratednot ratednot ratednot rated Opinionate - states it will pay up to 3.50 for each online survey you complete. When you have earned 10 or more you can request a payout in cash by paypal, or request a voucher from a named high street retailer, or donate your earnings to charity. We have not received a survey from this site for well over a year and a half so we do not recommend joining it at present. It was active when we joined in 2006, but appears to have come to a grinding halt now. We can understand not qualifying for surveys, but it is not credible when a survey invitation is not received for such a long period of time.

Please contact us if any of the information provided on this page is incorrect stating why you believe it to be so.