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There are lots of free online game sites on the net these days where you can play a variety of fun, innovative and classic games for free and sometimes have the chance to win some fabulous prizes just for playing them! Many of these sites also have online communities and forums which you can participate in if you wish to and get lots of tips and advice on the gameplay as well as make new friends, acquaintances, game comrades and game enemies! Some of these free game sites do offer you the option to pay to play too and win real-time cash prizes, but we generally like the sites listed below because you can play some or all of their games for free. We have listed and reviewed a number of different types of free game site which we hope you will find both interesting and ultimately entertaining and lots of fun!

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New Facebook Game - Bubble Safari

Bubble Safari is the brilliant new Facebook game which is both fun and simple to play. The main aim of the game is to help Bubbles save his friends by collecting fruit for his epic journey. It's colorful, enjoyable and challenging with lots of game features and regular updates to keep you entertained. You can give this excellent game a try here.


rated 3 gold starsrated 3 gold starsrated 3 gold starsrated 3 gold starsrated 3 gold stars Playtopia - is a great little free game site which has lots of simple and classic games to play and you can chat with other players if you wish to. With every game you play you can receive tokens and these tokens are exchangeable for entries into various small jackpot cash prize draws. We recommend this site for its free, enjoyable games and free chances to win prizes.

Fetchfido Games

rated 3 gold starsrated 3 gold starsrated 3 gold starsrated 3 gold starsrated 3 gold stars Fetchfido Games - is one of the more popular, entertaining and completely free game sites on the web. It has a good variety of free games - in java, flash and shockwave formats. We like it and therefore recommend that you have a look.

Game Garage

rated 3 gold starsrated 3 gold starsrated 3 gold starsrated 3 gold starsrated 3 gold stars Game garage - is a great online gaming website where you can play a large number and variety of fun games for free. They categorize into game types such as strategy, casino, arcades and fighting. You play for entertainment only and the satisfaction of knowing how good you are!

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